A backpacking Trip To Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

On this short backpacking trip we had planned to Hike from the Devil’s Lake Road access. to the Victoria Falls access over the course of 3 days. However, with the heat and humidity we quickly realized it would be far too hot to attempt the nearly 30k hike. So instead we decided to do a simple backpacking trip to Sheldon Lake. We camped there for a few nights before heading back the same way.

Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park is a 33,505 hectare park that is home to over 100 habitat types and is a large biological engine known for its drylands and beaver marshes. Despite its extent, this habitat is fragile. Please follow the principle not to leave a trace .

Wildlands Provincial Park is a non-operational park without public facilities or services. Prepare to use good practices in terms of safety and route choice since traveling in wilderness beyond access points requires complex navigation in a remote and semi-wild environment. You cannot rely on cell phone service to communicate or navigate within these undeveloped areas.

This park offers a unique opportunity to live a sustainable recreational experience in a semi-wild environment. It offers rugged canoe routes including lakes, wetlands and portages and has a trail of over 100 km, the Ganaraska Hiking Trail (the wilderness section at www.ganaraska-hiking-trail.org) and a limited number of backcountry campsites.

Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

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