Alberta Parks Doesn’t Want You Selling Your Reservation

With summer quickly approaching provincial parks are seeing a huge rise in reservations this year.

According to Alberta Parks, some 27,000 campsite reservations were made over 24 hours. And now there there are rumours that some people are trying to sell their spots.

According to AEP, roughly four times the number of people tried to make reservations compared to last year, resulting in 21,398 campsite bookings.

Officials posted on social media that they’ve heard about individuals who were among the first to snatch up some prime camping real estate who are now allegedly trying to sell the bookings online, at a profit.

Alberta Parks says the practice is “not allowed” and only the person who registered with the site is allowed to camp there.

The province also holds roughly 5,000 campsites on a first-come-first-serve basis.

CBC has more on this story.

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