Antarctic heat record

An Antarctic research base recorded a record temperature of nearly 18.3 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

The Argentinian base Esperanza, located at the northern tip of Antarctica, recorded this temperature, the highest ever recorded, said the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Friday.

(It) is not a number that you would normally associate with Antarctica even in summer. This broke the old record of 17.5 degrees Celsius in 2015.

WMO Clare Nullis

“The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most rapidly warming regions on the planet. We hear a lot about the Arctic, but this one area of ​​the Antarctic Peninsula is heating up very quickly,” added Clare Nullis.

A WMO committee will check if the temperature recorded by the National Meteorological Service of Argentina is a new record for the Antarctic continent.

“The amount of ice lost annually in Antarctica has increased at least sixfold, between 1979 and 2017,”concluded the spokesman for WMO.

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