Building Winter Shelters

Camping under extreme weather conditions is extremely challenging. But if you are a hardcore camper, no storm can keep you from setting foot on your trails. As a guide, we have prepared some essential tips on building winter shelters.

Choosing the Most Ideal Camping Site

Tough weather conditions can keep you from finding an ideal camping site. But in case you still have time, always choose sites that are not prone to avalanches and landslides. In the like manner, stay away from sites  near swamps, vegetation and insect nests.

Additionally, build a camping shelter near water sources, but make sure you aren’t too close to the water source. Also, find a spot surrounded by natural wind barriers. If you are near inclining trees, look for another site as these trees can possibly stumble due to strong, unbearable winds.

Top Considerations in Building a Camping Shelter

In essence, a camping shelter should efficiently protect you from wind elements and tough weather conditions. When you are building winter shelters, always consider ventilation and size. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the shelter is, the easier it is to conserve energy and heat.

However, winter shelters should also be comfortable enough for you and your family. If you are camping with a large group, divide your group and set-up 2 or 3 winter shelters in close proximity.

In addition, when setting up tents, position your entry sites at about 90 degrees to the wind. Aside from providing you extra protection, it will also prevent fire or smoke from going towards the direction of your shelter.

Winter Shelter Dos

When you are camping during the winter season, keeping water run-offs away can be problematic. In cases like this, setting up your tent on a higher ground is most ideal.

However, if you are stuck in the lower part of the camping site, make sure to dig trenches around your shelter. This will keep run-offs away from your winter shelter. Then, add stability by using rocks when tying the corners of your tent.

Winter camping isn’t for every camper. But if your will is stronger than any calamity, you can take winter camping by storm.

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