Canada suspends all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean Until April 30

Starting Sunday, it will be nearly impossible for Canadians to leave the country for sunshine destinations. But the word almost is important here, since the Canadian border will not be closed and options will remain possible for tourists with too much sunshine.

We already know that flights to the United States, and therefore Florida, will still be possible, since it is only flights to the Caribbean and Mexico that will be canceled by Canadian carriers Sunwing, Air Canada, WestJet and Air Transat.

In fact, according to Jacob Charbonneau, CEO of Late Flight, a company that helps travelers get compensation if something goes wrong, there are still plenty of airlines that will continue to offer trips to the beach.

We can think of Aero Mexico, Copa Airlines, all the American airlines. A person could decide to transit through Delta in the United States, and then go to the Caribbean , explains Mr. Charbonneau.

People who will want to travel will still be able to, because we are not banning travel, we are not closing borders. Once again, this is a rule that is not that clear. So the door remains open.Jacob Charbonneau, CEO of Late Flight

However, it is the conditions of return home that risk dissuading Canadians from losing company in the winter, he believes, namely the mandatory testing for COVID-19 upon arrival at the airport and the waiting for the result for two or three days, at the expense of the travelers, in a hotel designated by the government.

Travelers who test positive will be forced to continue their quarantine at a public health facility, at government expense, while those who test negative will be able to continue their quarantine at home.

This is the strongest of the measures taken so far. It is dissuasive. […] People will not want to travel, because it becomes complicated , he believes.

Awaiting clear guidelines

As every time new health measures are announced, they generate many questions, underlines Jacob Charbonneau, as does Manon Martel, director for Quebec of the Canadian Association of Travel Agencies.

We expect the exact plan in the next few days. There are still things that are not entirely clear , comments Ms. Martel.

Where will the three-day quarantine take place? When exactly will it start? And if people are positive, where are they going to stay?Manon Martel, Director for Quebec of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies

As for Mr. Charbonneau, he wonders about the money that a family will have to spend during their three-day quarantine. The costs of this stay are estimated at $ 2,000, the government has argued, but Mr. Charbonneau wonders if this applies to the occupation of a room or if each member of a family who occupies the same room will be asked this. amount.

If this is the first option that prevails, single people might be entitled to think that these fees are not fair, he believes.

Jacob Charbonneau also wonders what will happen to refunds to travelers who had already bought their plane tickets for flights to come in the next three months.

He points out that people whose trip was canceled last spring, in the first wave, have not all been reimbursed to date and that airlines are still waiting for clear guidelines on this.

He specifies that the federal government’s promise of assistance to the airline sector should be accompanied by an obligation for companies to reimburse travelers who had only been granted travel credits.

In addition, Mr. Charbonneau would like to know what will happen to these credits if assistance is delayed too long and if an airline is forced to come under the Creditors Arrangement Act.

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