Canadian woman stabbed, man killed on Section Of Appalachian Trail

Nova Scotian stabbed while hiking in the United States

A woman from Nova Scotia was injured and a man from Oklahoma was killed along the Appalachian Trail during a knife attack, authorities said in Virginia.

American James L. Jordan, of West Yarmouth, Mass., Is charged with murder and attempted murder.

Ronald Sanchez Jr, 43, was found dead Saturday morning about 90 meters from where the suspect was arrested, says Wythe County Deputy Chief of Police Charles Foster.

Mr. Foster could not say who the injured woman was, but he says he understood that she is from Nova Scotia.

James L. Jordan
James L. Jordan

She had called 911 to report that she had been beaten and stabbed and that she had pretended to be dead until the attacker’s departure.

She then ran about ten kilometers before finding someone who helped her.

The FBI did the investigation, but they did not identify the wounded woman either.

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