Smart fabric that regulates heat

A textile fiber that automatically changes its properties to trap or release heat in response to...
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Illustrative photo

Newly Discovered Insect In B.C. Could Date Back To The Ice Age

A troglodyte insect species recently discovered in British Columbia may well date back to the last...
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Bonnie Kittle @bonniekdesign

Bees know how to count

Honey bees can perform basic mathematical calculations, Australian and French scientists have shown. Last year researchers...
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Luca Bravo @lucabravo

Two-thirds of the Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2100

Two-thirds of the Himalayan and Hindu Kush glaciers could melt by the end of the century...
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Learn to Hunt with A Traditional Bow: The Aspect of Personal Enhancement

We could sit here and talk about traditional bow hunting, and how to shoot the arrow...
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Alberta acquires 188 hectares for Springbank Reservoir project

The province is getting closer to building the Springbank Reservoir near Calgary to protect the city...
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Bundle Up Ontario, Winter Is Finally Here

Winter temperatures continue in Ontario, with extreme cold warnings still in effect in central and northern...
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Before each trip: 8 checks to be made on your RV

In parallel with the periodic maintenance of your RV, here are some checks to make before...
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