First Skating loop trail in a Provincial Park in Saskatchewan

For the first time, a Saskatchewan provincial park has turned part of its campground into an ice rink.

Echo Valley Provincial Park, located about 50 minutes northeast of Regina, flooded one of the loops at Aspen Campground to create half a kilometer of skating rink.

The idea came from a park manager who had seen similar ideas in other provinces.

The goal is to make Saskatchewan Provincial Parks four-season destinations.

“If you have reasons to appreciate winter, it goes faster and it’s more pleasant than if you stay inside complaining that it is cold , says the Director of Francophone Affairs and spokesperson for the Department of Parks,” Charles-Henri Warren admitting to being a little biased because he is a winter lover.

Charles-Henri Warren believes that the new trail is a great place to come with family or friends.

Park staff started mounting the project this fall. They bought a used resurfacer to ensure smooth ice and a great experience for skaters.

Tiana Waldbauer, a park interpreter, grew up in the Fort Quappelle region. She did figure skating when she was young and believes that skating is one of the best winter sports.

According to her, the people of the region are happy to have a place surrounded by nature to come and tie their skates.

According to her, there are currently people who use the park in winter to cross-country ski and to walk their dog. She hopes the rink will attract visitors.

The skating rink is open to visitors every day. There will be a fire and park staff on site Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon.

Use of the ice rink is included with the cost of park tickets.

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