Habits to keep after the coronavirus

The pandemic has forced us to change several habits of our daily lives. Which of these should we keep for the sake of the environment after the coronavirus crisis? Here are a few.

Play outside!

While working from home, many people felt the need to go outside and reconnect with nature outside of their work hours to get some fresh air. Without being able to attend training centers, the fact of moving outside has given many citizens a taste for enjoying the attractions of their neighborhood, such as parks and alleys. Young and old have been able to rediscover the benefits of taking a breath of fresh air, just for fun.

Consume local products

A movement on social networks and recommendations from the government encouraged us to buy local products to encourage local producers, entrepreneurs and artisans. Several stores having closed their doors, the opportunity is perfect for shopping online, and this promotion of our products not only encourages the local economy, but also requires less transport, and therefore greenhouse gas emissions. . Our consumption habits will certainly have changed after this forced store shopping break, and it is beneficial for our merchants to have new customers.

To clean up

Among the favorite activities to do during confinement, we think of housekeeping! By sorting out what we don’t use, we can go back to basics, and thus see that we can live well daily with less material. When the return to normal is started, the time will be perfect to give back what is no longer used to organizations and people in need. Until then, just be creative and tinker with a second life with accessories that seem obsolete or useless to us.

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