K2: many dropouts and uncertainty near the top!

On the K2, many retirements overnight and uncertain news for some climbers who could still advance to the top. The clock is ticking. Tomorrow, the weather conditions will be unlivable on the second mountain on the planet.

A climb attempt is underway on K2, possibly the last of the season . In the early hours of local time in Pakistan, the news from the K2 base camp reported numerous abandonments. The organizer of the Seven Summit Treks, Chhang Dawa Sherpa: “No new summit, our team descended safely to Camp 3. Several of them had approached 8,000 meters during the night”.

Not enough tents, and chain abandonment on K2

Last night, a problem at Camp 3 made it difficult to rest at this key stage. There were apparently only two operational tents. While everyone seemed to have been able to take shelter, it was hardly possible to lie down and really rest. At over 7,000 meters, Camp 3 is however one of the only places where you can still rest. Higher up, it’s mission impossible. Without this essential rest, the rest was difficult. At the exit of Camp 3, the American Colin O’Brady decided to turn around. His sidekick at base camp, Jon Kedrowski explains: “my friend decided that continuing was not the best choice for him”. He also confirmed the abandonment of Tamara Lunger. But he also explained that the Chilean Juan-Pablo Mohr had chosen to continue, alongside John Snorri. He “thinks Ali Sadpara is with them,

Difficult to communicate with the K2

Communications with the mountain are complicated. With temperatures flirting with the -50 ° C felt, GPS trackers are struggling. If they are not completely frozen, it is just like. Radio communications are also complicated between the base camp and the Abruzzo ridge. Pakistani sources confirm that Sadpara, Snorri and Mohr team up and continue to ride. But this information should be taken with caution.

Many climbers have therefore taken the direction of the descent. On the K2 as elsewhere, it is a very delicate phase and very often accidental. As long as the climbers have not reached base camp, danger lurks. And they cannot take too long, the weather is deteriorating from tomorrow morning. On Saturday during the day, the wind should be blowing very hard on the K2.


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