Lake Ontario salmon attracts Quebec fishermen

Well known to fishermen, Lake Ontario is a destination of choice for salmon. Every year, many fishermen travel to the Toronto area hoping to return with large catches.

In Quebec, it is only possible to fish for salmon in rivers. Every summer, many tourists come to Ontario for a few days to experience this activity on one of the Great Lakes.

It is not uncommon to return with a catch of ten kilograms after a fishing trip on Lake Ontario.

To accommodate the demand, several French guides settled in the Newcastle Marina, east of Toronto to accompany the fishermen. Tony Landry is one of them.

On his boat, named the Dream Fight, he does not sleep a single day between the months of June and September. His clients come almost all from Quebec.

People from Quebec City, Montreal, Laval, Beauce, Estrie. Even Sept-Îles, where there is salmon in the river. I also had a group from Lac Saint-Jean.

Tony Landry, fishing guide, Saumontario

Originally from Beauce, Tony Landry had the sting for salmon fishing in 2007 after going on a trip with his father to Lake Ontario.


He then said that one day he would have his own company and become a fishing guide. His dream came to fruition in 2013.

This job is not his job all year long. When the season ends, he returns to Quebec, where he works in the field of computer science.

Looks like I’m just coming back here for fishing, for the next season. It’s a passion and I think I’ll do it all my life.

Tony Landry, fishing guide, Saumontario

Why salmon?

Asked why Mr. Landry prefers salmon to other species?

Because he is combative and you have to work hard , he explains.

The experience is different from that of gray trout, for example, which fights much less , says the fishing guide.

According to the expert, preferred areas for good catch are along Lake Ontario between Trenton and the Niagara Region, due to the temperature of the water.

A fishermen’s dream

For many fishers, Lake Ontario is on the list of places to visit at least once.

Marc-André Cormier, from Bécancour, Quebec, made the trip with his father Raymond to make this dream come true since childhood.

I dreamed about Lake Ontario since I was 12-13 years old. I read articles on it. I had wanted to come here for a long time.

Marc-André Cormier, fisherman from Bécancour

After several shots in one day, he admits to being satisfied with his experience. The man is delighted to have been able to catch a salmon weighing nine kilos, among other things.

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