Mama Bear Brings Her Brood to the nearest NJ Pool for a Much-Needed Vacation

As if to prove that the northeast is enduring some serious summer heat, one mama bear decided that it was time to find a pleasant way to cool off and relax. The black bear herded her five young cubs into Tim Baso’s backyard where an aboveground kiddie pool was installed and they found the temptation too much to resist. Apparently this was the bear’s version of a vacation paradise complete with swings, a slide and the cool, blue pool.

Basso and his family found themselves filming a delightful video of the bears as they played and swam just a few feet from the windows of their home. Viewers online are now enjoying watching the antics of this mama bear and her brood, but apparently Basso and his kids were not as excited to witness their backyard being invaded by these wild animals.

As the video is playing, you can hear an unhappy child complaining about the bears. The little Basso is not thrilled to watch a pool floatie being swatted about (and eventually flattened) by one young cub. Another human howl can be heard when the baby bears begin to investigate a large toy car. Even Tim Basso is frustrated as he imagines that the lining of the pool is being destroyed by huge claws.

The only person that seems to enjoy this once in a lifetime scene is Mrs. Basso. You can hear her voice of reason throughout much of the video. She is living in the moment and appears to fully enjoy watching these giant forest animals exploring and playing in their family’s pool. Just goes to show you that even bears are keen to enjoy a refreshing dip in a pool when the opportunity arises.

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