No Camping At Ontario Provincial Parks During Stay At Home Order

Well it was bound to happen. As of today, (Thursday Jan 21 (2021) roofed accommodations and campsites at Ontario Parks will be closed during the duration of the provincial stay at home order.

These will include things like cabins, yurts and cottages operating on park grounds. However, Ontario Parks will remain open for day-use recreation. While it is important to get outside to stay healthy, they are asking people to stay close to their homes and travel to parks only around their area.

Many amenities at Ontario’s Parks will also be suspended. This includes equipment rentals. So if you planning on visting a park for day use, be sure to pack all the equipment you need including skis and skates.

The provice recently said, lockdown resstrictions will be reduced when the provnice goes below 1000 daily cases.

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  1. Ahh well there goes my winter camping plans for Algonquin park!

    So frustrating but i do understand

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