Reporters Reaction To Meeting Bison Herd At Yellowstone: “I Aint Messing With You!”

Deion Broxton of NBC Montana was just trying to record a news segment on Wednesday at Yellowstone National Park. But instead of getting the story, he became the story (not to mention a big reaction on Twitter).

At the start of the clip, Broxton clearly tries to focus on the camera. He maintains the body language of a serious reporter, but his eyes continue to wander as if they are magnetized, no matter how hard he tries to look straight ahead.

Reporter Bison Yellowstone

It turns out that he was watching a herd of bison approaching him, and since it was probably a one-person film crew, he had no reinforcements. All he could do was exclaim, “Oh my God. Oh, I’m not messing with you. Oh no. Oh no. I’m not messing with you. “

reporter bison yellowstone

And the best / worst part of the video is that you never see the bison herd. Were they dangerously close to Broxton? How many bison were there? All we really see is the open trunk of his car. (Congratulations to Broxton for leaving this open while he was trying to record his segment. It was certainly helpful.)

In this situation, we would probably all react in the same way, but very few of us could laugh at it and put it online so that everyone can benefit. We’re glad you’re safe, Deion. And thanks for the next best reaction video.

Check out the Reporter Bison Yellowstone video of the below.

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