The 9 Pyramids of Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

What a mystery we have here. Years ago I was told, from multiple sources, that deep in Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada, a Pyramid or Pyramids existed in a now fenced off area of the park. Rumor has it a CBC documentary aired in the 1980’s exhibiting these pyramids but was quickly censored off the air forever.

I decided to do some investigation, I contacted the CBC, I spoke with a lady at CBC’s direct number, explained to her what I had just told you and she attempted to find information on this for me. She could not, but then told me they have a Archivist who could look further into this for me. After the Archivist looked over the entire CBC Library, he got back to me and said he could not find any stories on these pyramids, but he was interested in these pyramids himself after I had shared the stories told to me previously.

I did some digging up on the web and could only find trace mentions at a couple URLs.

This URL here mentions it in one sentence, but nothing else.

Here’s the quote that mentions it

Scuttlebutt among local Toronto folks is that, related to his work, in China, there was a pyramid that was sacred but but it is only visible to the eye during special times such as solstices and eclipses and only the local Chinese know about it and they will not share their information.
And! “.I was also just told that Algonquin Park has a pyramid!”
It seems, too, that there are a lot of pyramids around the world that have only recently been found or exposed to the world. When found, it is put on internet and then almost as quickly — it disappears.

Another URL out there dealing with megalithic sites and some sort of pattern used to plot these things, heres the quote from this URL.

What about the 9 pyramids in Ontario, Canada’s Algonquin Park?
Fenced off from the curious eyes of the public. Out of sight, out of mind.

These megalithic structures were built by intelligence aware of the snaking
serpent of magnetism vortexed out of the galactic center
on her way to Ophucius the serpent holder, through the Earth and
onto Orion.

These pyramids structures are transmitters. Capacatively collecting
charge and pulsing it on its way in coordinated geometry.
Built over underground water ways of electrolyte.

Sophisticated science in the planet taming days of the old world order.

This second URL uses a computer app that plots points where power can be projected and used to manipulate stuff on Earth. It is very far out there and I am only reporting on what the site says, not proving or disproving it, just laying it out there for everyone else.

The origins for some of this story lies within a book by Harvard Professor, Barry Fell. Barry wrote many books, some of which made at the time dubious claims that have now been proven true, such as vikings and other peoples visiting Americas before Columbus. Barry takes this history a step further and claims that Pyramids exist and other great megalithic sites across North America.

At the time it sounded very far fetched, but even using this very website we have seen that there are dozens of megalithic sites in North America. Ranging from Viking settlements to enourmous earth mound citieis and serpents designed into hillsides. We have the Stonehenge of Ontario and the Stonehenge of Alberta. So, maybe a pyramid isn’t that far out there.

If you have heard, seen or been told of these pyramids, feel free to drop us an email or comment below. This is just the beginning of the story, I plan to continue on with the research and will do an update in the future, I just thought it important that if others are out there searching we can pool our information together to get a more complete story on these rumored pyramids.


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