The Bears Are Out In B.C.

Reports of bears are increasing as the spring season advances, as more and more people go outside in British Columbia.

The authorities remind the population of the instructions to follow to avoid conflicts with these animals.

“Unsafe food waste continues to be the most attractive bear to Coquitlam,” said Julie Kanya, an environmental programs specialist at the City.

“This is a problem, because bears that get used to eating garbage can become aggressive and can be killed by the Wildlife Conservation Service.”

We see that more and more people are taking care and securing their garbage, collecting the fruit from their trees and removing their bird feeder. But it only takes one person who attracts bears to cause conflict between humans and bears.

Julie Kanya, Environmental Programs Specialist, City of Coquitlam

The municipal employee explains that the City is constantly seeking to inform and raise awareness of the population by various means, whether online, on social networks, through leaflets or outside signage.

Kenza Addouche and his family have grown accustomed to the presence of bears in their neighborhood. They have lived in Maple Ridge for 12 years.

Ms. Addouche remembers that, at first, her family members did not know there were bears and that they made some mistakes with their trash cans. However, everyone quickly understood what to do to avoid bears becoming addicted to discarded food scraps.

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