Threatening asteroid: good news for Earth

A threat to the planet

Many celestial objects could pose a threat to Earth. Indeed, if one of them crashed on our planet, the impact would cause significant damage depending on the size of the object. In 2004, scientists identified a large asteroid potentially threatening Earth: Apophis. This large pebble measures 340 meters. Given its size, calculations were performed to determine its trajectory. Surprise: Apophis could crash on our planet in 2029!

Closely observed

On March 5, the asteroid returned to make a tour near Earth’s orbit, which gave astrophysicists the opportunity to use radars to better determine the trajectory of the large rock. A 70-meter radio telescope located in California was used to predict the path of Apophis. According to scientists, the accuracy of this instrument is estimated at plus or minus 150 meters. The images collected will also make it possible to better visualize the silhouette of the object which could strangely resemble that of a peanut.

Danger averted

According to the latest estimates, Apophis will not threaten Earth for a long time. The possibility of this asteroid crashing into the planet in 2029 has been ruled to be nil. Another visit to the area is scheduled for 2036, but it seems the new calculations have ruled out any threat. Then there was also 2068. Guess what! Astronomers say with certainty that the celestial object has no chance of crashing here. In fact, Apophis does not represent any serious threat from now on for at least 100 years!