Women: how to pee outside without toilet paper

Peeing outside can be a literal pain in the butt when you’re on the go. Usually, everything is at our disposition for a clean, splash free, pee. But when you’re somewhere like the hiking trail, options may be limited and you may not have taken the proper precautions before going out. In this article, I will give you a few tips on how to pee outside without using toilet paper.

First of all, if you have absolutely no alternative to toilet paper, nature can help. Since you’re already in the woods, you can use leaves to wipe up after you pee. However you have to be careful that you don’t use poison ivy leaves or you might have an unpleasant surprise. Make sure that you pick leaves from a tree you know and not just any leaves off the ground as they may contain bacteria and fungi. Make sure you pick a bunch of them so that nothing leaks out. Leaves do not adsorb water in the same way toilet paper does, so make sure you have enough.

If you have to pee outside a lot, then you can invest in what is called an urination tool. It is a kind of funnel that allows you to pee standing up with no splash whatsoever. Urination tools are not that common, so you might have to search online for one. Most of them are reusable, but some can be disposable as well. If you’re crafty, you can even make your own urination tool by cutting off the bottom of a two liter soft drink bottle in a funnel fashion and place the opening of the bottle directly over your urethra so you don’t make a splash.

And while your outside, why not use the great outdoors to your advantage? Once you’re done peeing, all you have to do is shake the lingering drops off and let the fresh air blow out the rest . Make sure you’ve chosen a discreet spot to pee so you don’t have to worry about onlookers.

There are plenty of ways that you can pee outside without causing a mess and feeling uncomfortable afterwards. If you’re in the outdoors a lot, consider buying a urination device online or at your local pharmacy. Or you can go the organic way and use nature to your advantage. Have fun on the trails!

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